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NCAA Odds & Betting Lines 2022-2023

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College basketball betting is hugely popular, so let’s show you how to find competitive NCAA basketball odds. The best college basketball betting lines focus on the men’s divisional championship and March Madness.

Bookmakers with the Best College Basketball Odds

College basketball odds are uber-popular at the top US sportsbooks. Some of these sites, such as BetMGM and Unibet, offer enhanced odds. This inflates the prices of teams for each match, so you can win more money. But you should note that there is not one single betting house that features the best college basketball betting odds. If you are looking for solid NCAA basketball betting odds, it is always best to shop around and compare odds at different operators.

Other sites may have college basketball betting lines where you can tap into special betting offers, such as risk-free bets or matched deposits. To take advantage, you have to make a minimum deposit and this will be matched usually either by 50 or 100%. For example, some sites may offer a 100% matched deposit of up to $1,000. Be wary of any wagering requirements as these have to be fulfilled before you can withdraw any winnings.

How NCAA Basketball Odds Work

During the regular season, the top sportsbooks are stocked with the latest NCAAB odds. You will find American odds. So, if Villanova were facing the Baylor Bears, then Villanova may be trading as short-priced favorites (around the -110 mark). When it comes to online college basketball betting, moneyline is the most popular and best suited for novice bettors. However, you will also be able to try out other markets, such as team and player props.

Odds to Win

Known as the moneyline, you must predict the match winner here. So, if Duke were facing Carolina, Duke may well be the favorite and have the minus odds (-) next to their name. However, if you backed the underdogs Carolina at +120 with a $100 stake, you would stand to win $120 if they defied the odds.

Vegas Odds

Las Vegas NCAA basketball odds are the most common odds displayed at sportsbooks. If this were displayed as a fractional format in the case of Virginia being crowned divisional champions, then you could get odds of 10/1. A $200 stake would pay out $2,000.

Over/Under Bets

College basketball betting odds can be exciting with the over/under section. Basketball matches can be high-scoring affairs, so you could bet on over 150.5 points across the games. There would need to be 151 points or more scored to return a successful bet.

Futures & Outright Odds

The futures markets for NCAAB betting lines are for long-term bets. So, at SugarHouse, for example, you can pinpoint lines for who may be crowned March Madness champions in 2023. Odds will drift or shorten as a new season draws closer.

Playoff Odds

Similarly, the college basketball odds for the playoffs are a type of outright market. Prices are determined by bookmakers and odds may fluctuate depending on how teams perform throughout the season.

Comparing College Basketball Odds with Odds Scanner US

Before digging for NCAA basketball lines, you should make use of our college basketball odds comparison tool. This will show where to find the latest odds. It is easy to pick the sportsbooks that have competitive but fair odds, so you’ll have a better chance of boosting your profits.

The more comfortable you feel with NCAAB betting lines, the greater appreciation you will have for our odds comparison tool. We can’t stress how important it is to check updated odds. While most of the bookmakers we review don’t have much disparity between their odds, the prices will change daily. When the playoffs roll around, it is important to stay on top of all the latest updates.

Although we don’t have all of the NCAA basketball lines today, we do have a broad range of games that have detailed markets, so you can pick the lines that appeal to you the most.

College Basketball Betting Markets

When it comes to NCAA basketball betting lines, there is a wide array of markets to choose from. The moneyline is a good starting point, but you will also find point spreads and the total over/under in which you can bet on the total points scored in a game.

By using our odds comparison tool, you will be able to read and digest odds, as well as spot value in lines. This, in turn, could give you an edge when it comes to placing your wager and winning a decent payout.

NCAAB Live Odds

Live betting is a fundamental part of college basketball betting. With the NCAAB live odds, prices change in real-time, so you can see the who operator you are playing with is leaning towards.

Nowadays, most sites have a statistics center that has all the latest updates from each game. The live betting odds can be quite volatile as they can fluctuate very quickly.

College Basketball Betting

We are constantly scrutinizing college basketball odds, and we do this across all of the top betting houses. So, you can see how the odds are shaping up for college basketball spreads.

You can bet with our recommended sportsbooks. Signing up is straightforward too.

College Basketball Betting Lines Explained

College basketball betting lines are easy to find at the best sportsbooks. For NCAA basketball lines, you will be able to find everything from the moneyline (match winner) to the point spread. With the latter, the bookmaker will apply a handicap to level things out.

NCAAB Betting Spreads Explained

Spreads are applied by bookmakers to highlight the difference in the quality of the two teams. With college basketball spreads, an NCAA basketball point spread favorite will have a negative value attached. For example, Gonzaga Bulldogs could be point spread favorites at -2.5 to beat Michigan State +2.5, so they will need to beat the spread for your bet to win.

Comparing Odds For Today's NCAA Basketball Games

Remember, if you are looking for college basketball odds today, we don’t offer lines for every game. However, as one of the leading odds comparison sites, we will point you in the direction of the best odds.

We will show the sites that will have the best NCAA basketball lines today and we work with some of the most reputable operators in the business. Here, you will be able to see which sites facilitate many betting types, such as point spreads and parlays. In some cases, you will be able to request special odds for prop markets that you may not find readily available elsewhere.

College Basketball Betting Tips and Strategies

If you are looking to bet on college basketball games, you should take our NCAA basketball betting advice. These 5 college basketball betting strategies will sharpen your skills:

  1. Keep an eye on form – The season is quite long, so pay attention to the form guide and steer clear of teams that are on a bad run.
  2. Try out new markets – While college basketball money lines can be quite tempting, mix things up a bit and test yourself with other markets.
  3. Check out the latest updates – Stay in the know about what’s going on. Don’t include player prop bets if a star player is injured.
  4. Understand the schedule – Make sure you understand that the season is long and that teams will go through peaks and troughs.
  5. Forget the public – Sometimes, the public can be suckered into bad bets by bookmakers, so trust your instincts and lead with your head.

FAQs About NCAA Basketball Betting

Now, we are going to run through some of the most popular FAQs that pop up at betting sites. This should clear up any underlying concerns you may have.

How to read College Basketball odds?

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College basketball odds show the probability of a particular team winning a match. This is the moneyline. Many sites have a betting calculator installed that displays what you can win depending on the size of your stake.

Are NCAA basketball odds up?

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Many of the sites we work with have NCAA basketball odds displayed. However, remember, that as an odds comparison tool, we won’t have NCAA basketball odds for today.

You will have to check the most reputable sportsbooks out there and shop around for odds before signing up.

What to look for when betting on College Basketball?

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If you want to bet on college basketball, you should keep an eye on the form guide of teams. Some will be in a poor run of form, so they are best to be avoided. Apart from checking the strength of the odds, make sure you can bet in-play and cash out to retrieve any potential winnings.

How do betting spreads work in College Basketball?

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Bookmakers try to level out the playing field with point spreads. The favorites will have a minus sign (-) attached. If they were given a -2.5 point spread, they would have to beat the spread and win by more than 2.5 points to return a winning bet.