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Units in sports betting measure the size of a given wager.
Understanding how to read betting odds is critical to your chances of success at a sportsbook, so read our guide to find out more.
Sports betting bankroll management is absolutely necessary for any serious sports bettor.
This definitive guide to positive EV bets will explain its pros and cons and how to use this technique to exploit incorrect bookmaker odds to return an average profit rate every time.

You have to understand how sports betting works if you want to score worthwhile wins on your favorite sports matches. Learn how to bet on sports online with Odds Scanner US. Discover more in this in-depth and insightful sports betting guide for beginners and advanced sports bettors.

Betting Strategies For All Major Sports and Leagues

Ever wondered which sports and leagues are the most profitable to bet on? We did. And we did thorough research to get to the bottom of it.

According to industry-wide trends, the most profitable sport to bet on is baseball. Following closely is soccer, then basketball, then football, and then other sports.

Our guides cover all major sports such as baseball, soccer, football, basketball, ice hockey and so much more. We also create content for all major sports leagues, including NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, NHL, and NCAA (college) among other leagues in the United States and Canada.

How Reliable Are Our Sports Betting Guides?

To say our online sports betting guides are reliable would be an understatement. Odds Scanner US offers some of the best sports betting resources on the Internet.

Head over to our sports betting guide section and learn how to gamble on any sport like a pro. Take your skills to another level and beat the bookies at their game!

Sports Betting Expertise

At Odds Scanner US, we partner with a team of expert tipsters and sports betting professionals with extensive experience in the market. This helps us deliver valuable insights on everything sports betting.

Our in-depth guides and tips leverage statistics, historical analysis, and more to help you place smart wagers and profit in the long term. Count on our sports betting expertise to reduce your risk when betting on sports.

Helpful Guides for Both Beginners and Professionals

The information contained in our guides is carefully curated for both beginners and seasoned betting pros. We offer helpful advice on everything, including an introduction to sports betting for beginners, a guide to the different types of sports bets, and the best sports betting strategies to help you wager more confidently.

In addition, you can read up on a range of different topics to improve your betting knowledge, such as:

  • The legalities of sports betting
  • Sports betting facts and fiction
  • Sports betting vs. other forms of gambling
  • The risks and rewards of sports betting
  • Finding value in betting odds
  • Common sports betting mistakes, etc.

Just because our guide is detailed doesn’t mean it’s hard to understand. We give it to you straight in plain English so you can get the info you need and use it right away. We also use a lot of graphics and videos to help our readers better grasp every concept.

Cutting Edge Betting Strategies

Our guides cut across a variety of different sports and contain an enormous amount of valuable information. At Odds Scanner US, we refine our resourceful guides over time so you always get the best betting advice.

Our dedicated team of sports enthusiasts updates these guides on a regular basis. So, before you risk your hard-earned money, familiarize yourself with the latest strategies in the world of sports betting.

FAQs About Sports Betting Guides

Below, we will answer some frequently asked questions about sports betting guides. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is a betting guide?

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A betting guide is a beginners’ guide to sports betting. A comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about sports betting, including the different types of sports bets, how to read sports odds, how to shop for the best lines, and other proven strategies to give you an advantage.

Can I make money gambling on sports?

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Pro bettors make money gambling on sports every day. The majority of inexperienced bettors lose money, which is why our sports guides can be handy. Take a smart approach if you want to make a living off of sports betting.

How to bet on sports online legally?

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Online sports betting is legal in several states. You can bet on sports online as long as you choose a licensed and trustworthy bookmaker to bet with.

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