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Sportsbooks That Accept Mastercard in the USA 2023


With overwhelmingly popular credit cards and prepaid cards, Mastercard has become a titan in the finance world over the years.

That’s why in this Mastercard review we will be taking a deep dive into what makes the platform so great. Focusing on its application in all the top sportsbooks.

Mastercard Pros

Here are the pros to using a Mastercard credit card or prepaid card:

  • Widely accepted across the globe.
  • Very secure.
  • Rewards programs.

Mastercard Cons

Here are the cons to using a Mastercard credit card or prepaid card:

  • Too many credit cards can affect credit score.
  • High interest on some credit cards.

Best Betting Sites That Accept Mastercard

As one of the major forces of the finance world, it comes as no surprise that Mastercard can be found on most sports betting sites.

That’s why in this section we will help you narrow your sportsbook choices to only the best with our list of Mastercard sports betting sites.

Our list includes some of the most prolific betting sites such as FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, William Hill, Caesars, PointsBet, Unibet, Bet365, Golden Nugget, and Betway.

We should also include that when making our list we made sure to check that these operators also accept prepaid Mastercards, not just credit cards. This is important seeing as some platforms such as BetRivers accept Mastercard but not prepaid cards.

As for choosing our list, we came to our conclusion after conducting a thorough analysis of each operator listed. The criteria for our analysis included security, the quantity of sports markets to bet on, ease of access, and available promotions.

Overall, you will find that Mastercard is almost universally accepted; meaning you can bet wherever you please.

Why Should You Use Mastercard for Betting?

Mastercard is quite frankly one of the most convenient and secure payment options available on U.S. sportsbooks.

Online sports betting with Mastercard is also aided by its wide acceptance across most of the gambling industry.

Mastercard’s wide acceptance alongside its ability to process transactions quite quickly also allows bettors to both deposit and withdraw funds swiftly.

Additionally, Mastercard is known to be secure and strict on fraud. Meaning many of the sports betting sites Mastercard is found on have a slim chance of mishandling your funds, seeing as Mastercard will charge back.

How to Bet with Mastercard

Online betting with Mastercard is a great choice for anyone looking to get into the growing U.S. sportsbook market.

That’s why in this section we will be going over everything you need to know to start gambling with Mastercard.

Depositing with Mastercard

Mastercard makes depositing very easy, just follow these steps:

  • Start by ensuring that you have an account set up on your desired sportsbook, and make sure the sportsbook accepts Mastercard.
  • Now find the “Deposit” section of your sportsbook.
  • At this point select Mastercard as your payment method.
  • Next, input the amount you wish to deposit into your sportsbook account.
  • You will now be prompted to input your card information and your necessary details, so input the information.
  • All that’s left now is to wait for your funds to hit your sportsbook account.

Much like with every payment platform, we should inform bettors that Mastercard deposit times can vary depending on the operator.

Withdrawing with Mastercard

Here are the steps you need to follow to withdraw your funds from your favorite sportsbooks:

  • You will need to start by logging into your sportsbook account.
  • Next, navigate to the “Withdraw” section of the website or app.
  • Select Mastercard as your withdrawal method.
  • Now you should be prompted to input your relevant Mastercard information such as card number and name.
  • Review the contents of the transaction and confirm.
  • Now you must wait for the funds to be transferred from the sportsbook to your Mastercard.

To further withdraw your funds to your bank account, you will have to go through Mastercard itself.

Advantages of Using Mastercard for Sports Betting

Mastercard online gambling comes with a wide variety of benefits, with the platform showcasing stellar acceptance and amazing functionality.

In this section, we will be taking you through three reasons why you should use a sports gambling site that takes Mastercard.

Reason #1: Acceptance

To start our list off, we have Mastercard’s worldwide acceptance. The primary benefit being you can use your Mastercard to both deposit and withdraw funds with ease regardless of where you might find yourself.

This flexibility also allows bettors to be flexible with their choice of operator, allowing more informed choices, and the ability to get the best odds.

The payment platform’s acclaim even extends as far as allowing the use of prepaid Mastercard’s across most online gambling platforms.

Reason #2: Benefits and Rewards

Whether you are using your credit card in person or online with a gambling site that takes Mastercard, you will find a variety of rewards available.

These rewards can vary greatly across different cards and issuers, leaving the choice in your hands. Some of the more common benefits include travel points, gift cards, discounts, and cash back.

Additionally, unlike many other rewards programs in its niche, Mastercard makes it incredibly easy for its cardholders to redeem rewards.

Reason #3: Speed

Another area that we cannot overlook is the speed of transactions. After all, speed can make or break your experience when sports betting. That’s why we must point out Mastercard’s incredibly fast processing times, with the bulk of processing time being consumed by the operator. 

Regardless of if you deposit or withdraw funds from a sportsbook, you can expect your transaction to be done on Mastercard’s end within minutes.

Mastercard Security

Mastercard’s security is known to be top-notch, protecting cardholders from both fraud and unauthorized transactions.

The primary technology at play when purchasing in person is Mastercard’s EMV chip technology, as it adds an extra layer of protection to every transaction.

As for online transactions, Mastercard’s security primarily relies on tokenization and encryption to protect your sensitive information. In these processes, your information is replaced with a unique code and your card details are not transmitted.

Overall, Mastercard’s security measures protect your financial information and should leave no doubt about depositing with online betting sites.

Mastercard Customer Service

You will find a wide array of services available through Mastercard’s customer service. Whether you are looking to activate a new card, report a stolen one, or just have some questions regarding rewards, Mastercard is there to help

Some of the customer service options available include a phone number, email, and online chat.

When compared to other comparable platforms, we would have to say Mastercard’s customer service is above average. Their live chat could use some work, seeing as it can be down at times, but overall, you will be met with a competent team ready to troubleshoot your issue.

Mastercard Frequently Asked Questions

We will now attempt to answer some of the most-asked questions about Mastercard.

What Betting Sites Accept Mastercard?

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You will find that across the gambling industry, Mastercard is near universally accepted.

In the article, we listed some of the better sportsbooks that accept MasterCard. These include FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, William Hill, Caesars, PointsBet, Unibet, Bet365, Golden Nugget, and Betway.

Does Mastercard Allow Online Gambling?

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Mastercard allows online gambling, seeing as you cannot bet directly through the payment platform but can deposit with sportsbooks.

Does Mastercard Charge an Online Gambling Fee?

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Mastercard has no specific fee attached to any gambling platform.

The only fees or hidden charges that may apply when using a Mastercard are account fees and interest.

Can I Make Deposits with Mastercard at Betting Sites?

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You can easily make deposits with a Mastercard on any of the top betting sites within the US. Whether you are looking to wager at Caesars or with Unibet, Mastercard will allow you to easily deposit.

Can I Make Withdrawals with Mastercard at Betting Sites?

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Much like with deposits, withdrawing funds from your desired sportsbook with Mastercard is immensely easy.

To read step by step how to withdraw funds from your sportsbook account, we have created instructions in the article above.

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