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Sportsbooks That Accept Skrill in the USA 2023


Primarily known for its overseas money transfers and direct deposits to bank accounts, Skrill offers a well-made and convenient payment platform.

 In this Skrill review we will be looking at what makes this payment method so popular, conducting a thorough analysis of Skrill to allow any potential bettors to make an informed decision about whether this payment is right for them.

Skrill Pros

Here are some of the pros to using Skrill:

  • Low fees.
  • Accessible app for both iOS Android.
  • Secure and trusted payment method.

Skrill Cons

Here are some of the cons to using Skrill:

  • Longer verification period.
  • No live chat feature.

Best Betting Sites That Accept Skrill

Skrill’s overall acceptance across the majority of betting sites, both domestic and international, is quite impressive with its presence being comparable to many payment giants.

In this section, we will be pointing out some of the better Skrill betting sites, showcasing the best sportsbooks that accept the payment method.

Our picks for the best betting sites that accept Skrill include Bet365, DraftKings, BetMGM, Unibet, Borgata, Caesars, Betway, and William Hill.

 We came to this conclusion through a thorough examination of each betting platform, taking note of several key areas. Some of the areas we looked at specifically include security, sports betting options, convenience, and promotions.

Individuals who are just looking to use this payment platform for sports betting will get the best of Skrill. This means any negatives, such as high fees for transferring funds between Skrill accounts won’t be present.

Why Should You Use Skrill for Betting?

Skrill sports betting gives bettors the utmost freedom to wager where they please, showcasing low fees alongside an easy-to-use functionality.

Skrill has come to be known well for its low fees, making it one of the most cost-effective options across all online payment methods. This includes low fees for depositing and withdrawing at betting sites that accept Skrill.

 The payment platform can also be accessed from not only its website but on iOS and Android devices as well, sporting intuitive UI throughout all three.

 Overall Skrill maintains itself as a well-respected, safe, and convenient online payment option for U.S. bettors.

How to Bet with Skrill

Betting with Skrill is an incredibly attractive choice for any bettor in the U.S. Whether you are looking to online bet with Skrill or just need an e-wallet, Skrill has you covered.

In the next section, we will be taking you through how to both deposit and withdraw your funds across all the best Skrill betting sites.

Depositing with Skrill

Depositing via Skrill is quite simple, just follow these steps:

  • First, open the sportsbook or betting app you wish to place your wager on.
  • Next, find the deposit section of the sportsbook, be sure to choose Skrill as your deposit method.
  • Now enter the amount you wish to deposit through Skrill.
  • Navigate to the Skrill website and log in to your account.
  • Next confirm the details of the transaction, completing it by clicking “Submit.”

Once you have followed those steps, your Skrill deposit should be complete; with that, you are ready to start betting on your desired sportsbook.

Withdrawing With Skrill

To withdraw your funds from a sportsbook with Skrill simply follow these steps:

  • Start by opening your desired sportsbook.
  • You will now need to navigate to the withdrawal section of the sportsbook. Make sure to choose Skrill as your payment method.
  • Now set the amount of money you wish to withdraw from the sportsbook and finish the withdrawal.
  • Next log in to your Skrill account.
  • Once you have logged into your account, confirm the details of the transaction, and hit “Submit.”

You should now have your well-earned funds safely in your Skrill account. The only thing to mention is that with Skrill withdrawals, the time it takes is heavily dependent on the sportsbook itself.

Advantages of Using Skrill for Sports Betting

You will find that there is a multitude of benefits to using a gambling site that accepts Skrill, from safety to accessibility and profitability. Skrill gambling is one of the best choices available.

That’s why in the next section we will be going over the top three reasons to choose Skrill as your payment method when sports betting.

Reason #1: Ease of Access

To start off our list of advantages, we have Skrill’s ease of access. The platform offers a fast and convenient online payment experience. From sign up to withdrawals, Skrill makes it easy for you.

Whether you are looking to deposit or withdraw, Skrill makes it easy to transfer funds without the hassle of entering payment details each time.

The overall convenience of the platform also allows sports bettors to quickly manage funds and place bets with lightning speed.

Reason #2: Low Fees

Second on our list of advantages to using Skrill while online gambling is its incredibly low fees. The Skrill payment method oftentimes charges lower fees for transactions than many of its top competitors, such as credit cards or bank transfers.

These low fees can primarily help to maximize your overall profitability when placing wagers.

By reducing fees, Skrill has allowed bettors to get the most out of their winnings and even increase the overall return on investment.

Reason #3: Wide Acceptance

Last but certainly not least, the Skrill payment method is one of the most widely accepted payment platforms, not only in the U.S. but across the world.

This versatile payment method gives users the flexibility to place wagers across several top platforms. This flexibility can ensure bettors get the most competitive odds on almost any event they wish to bet on.

Skrill Security

To put it simply, Skrill’s security is top of the line. Its systems are designed to protect both your financial and personal information when making online payments.

One of the major factors that enable this safety is two-factor authentication, which ensures that you are the one making the payment. If someone else ever tries to gain access to your funds, you will be immediately alerted using a method such as a one-time code.

 Additionally, you can put your mind at ease knowing Skrill uses high-level encryption to protect your sensitive information such as card data and login details.

Skrill Customer Service

Skrill’s customer service is great, as you would come to expect from a large payment platform. Its service is highly rated by customers and is quite frankly better overall than many of its competitors.

Some of the customer service options available include a help center, phone number, email support, and active social media channels.

 You may notice from that list, that Skrill doesn’t maintain a live chat feature, unlike many other top payment platforms. We are here to tell you that Skrill’s high-quality phone service, in conjunction with its social media presence, more than makes up for it.

 Overall Skrill offers a succinct customer service experience, so you can rest easy knowing that if any issues arise, they will be taken care of.

Skrill Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will be taking you through the most frequently asked questions about Skrill.

How to Use Skrill for Gambling

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To use Skrill for gambling, you will need to create a Skrill account and link it to a funding source. From there you will be able to link your account to your desired sportsbook.

How to Deposit Online with Skrill

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Depositing with Skrill couldn’t be easier, all you must do is have a Skrill account and make sure your sportsbook accepts the payment method.

From there simply find the deposit section and choose Skrill as your deposit method.

How to Withdraw Online with Skrill

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Not unlike depositing, withdrawing your funds with Skrill is simple. Just go to your desired sportsbook and find the withdraw section.

At that point, select Skrill as your withdrawal method and take your funds.

Is Skrill Good for Betting?

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Skrill is one of the best payment platforms if you are looking to place wagers online.

As we explored earlier in the article, Skrill is accepted across a myriad of betting platforms and ensures the utmost safety.

What Betting Sites Accept Skrill?

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Above we have listed our picks for the best betting sites that accept Skrill, going into deeper detail as to why we chose these sportsbooks.

Our list includes Bet365, DraftKings, BetMGM, Unibet, Borgata, Caesars, Betway, and William Hill.

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