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Golden Nugget Sportsbook Review & $250 Bonus

For those looking to find a high-quality sportsbook, look no further than Golden Nugget. In this review, we aim to help you decide if it’s the right sportsbook for you.

With a wide variety of betting markets, and a platform full of the most competitive odds, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook is a top choice for any sports betting enthusiast.

Kaleb Vanderhorst
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$250 Free Bet
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by Odds Scanner US

General Information

🎁 Bonus $250 Free Bet
⭐ Rating
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by Odds Scanner US
💳 Payments American Express
Bank Transfer Discover
⚽ Sports American Football
Ice Hockey
🛡️ License DGE

Pros and Cons

Well-known safe operator.
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Fantastic welcome bonus.
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Quick withdrawal times.
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Variety of sports.
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No live streaming.
red cons
No loyalty program on the sportsbook.
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$250 Free Bet

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Review

The Golden Nugget Sportsbook has become one of the more popular choices for online sports betting, showcasing a multitude of betting options and competitive odds.

For those new to sports betting, you are in luck. The Golden Nugget also offers a navigable and user-friendly platform, which is great for getting started.

In this Golden Nugget review, we will be taking a deep dive into the features that make the Golden Nugget Sportsbook stand out among its peers. The key areas we will be looking through include bonuses and promotions, deposit and withdrawal methods, markets, sport selection, and several others.

Is Golden Nugget Legit?

Golden Nugget sports betting is known to be one of the most secure operators in the online sports betting world. That’s to say the simple answer is yes, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook is a legitimate and reputable platform.

To access the Golden Nugget Sportsbook, you have to be within a licensed state and comply with all gambling legislation. The list of legal states includes Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey, and West Virginia. 

We must also mention that just as with any other top sportsbook, you will be betting with real money, and therefore winning real money.

Golden Nugget Bonus Code & Promotions

On the Golden Nugget Sportsbook, you will find a number of bonuses and promotions, enabling you to get the most out of your bets.

Alongside those promotions, keep your eye out for the Golden Nugget’s promo codes and bonus codes. This is where you will oftentimes find the best deals.

Golden Nugget Welcome Bonus – $250 Free Bet

When signing up for the Golden Nugget Sportsbook, bettors can expect to receive a host of great bonuses and promotions. One of the better value bonuses, you will find is the Golden Nugget Welcome Bonus.

With this offer you will receive a welcome bonus worth up to $250. The only stipulation is that it is a free matched bet up to that $250 sum.

When compared to competitor welcome offers, Golden Nugget’s is one of the best. With many competitors showcasing bonuses and promotions that provide less than a quarter of the value you will find here.

Golden Lines – Daily Odds Boost

Golden Nugget’s golden lines odds boost facilitates more lucrative winnings across the sportsbook.

No matter what sports you’re looking to bet on, you will find a selection of different boosted odds daily.

Qualifying for the boosted odds is also quite simple, just find the event with boosted odds attached and place your bet.  Bettors should also pay attention to the fact that this bet is limited to a maximum of $100.

Golden Nugget App & Site – Score Big on the Go!

With the many advantages to betting on the go, it’s great to see operators like the Golden Nugget online casino and sportsbook offer a well-put-together app and site.

The Golden Nugget app facilitates access to a wide range of sports betting markets, and a multitude of competitive odds.

Whether you prefer to bet with the Golden Nugget mobile app, or from home on your laptop. You’ll have access to everything needed to bet with confidence.

Golden Nugget Mobile Experience Highlights

  • Accessible anywhere with an internet connection, facilitating betting where you please.
  • The Golden Nugget sportsbook app offers a stellar app with an intuitive interface.
  • Access a wide range of sports betting markets, including all the largest sports.
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices, access the app on the go and never miss out on the action.

Golden Nugget Desktop Experience Highlights

  • The desktop site offers a sleek and easy-to-use design, making it simple to find the markets you’re looking for.
  • Competitive odds, generous promotions, and great bonuses are available on the Golden Nugget desktop site.
  • As with the mobile app, you will gain access to a host of gambling markets.
  • One of the better live betting sections available in the US.

Keep The Odds Forever in Your Favor with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook

When choosing a sportsbook, one of the most important factors you should consider is the odds available. To put it simply, odds determine the potential payout of a bet, therefore the better the odds, the more profit to be had.

To that end, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook offers highly competitive odds on par with the best sportsbooks in the industry.

The sportsbook also offers a couple of key features for its presented odds, showcasing one of the best live betting sections we have seen. Overall we must say, the Golden Nugget’s odds make the platform a fantastic choice for US bettors.

Golden Nugget Live Odds

As stated prior, one of the better features available to bettors on the Golden Nugget Sportsbook is live betting. Seen as the “Live Now” button, it is a great resource to bet with the most up-to-date and lucrative odds. 

Whether you are looking to bet spreads on the Indiana Pacers, or a moneyline bet on the New York Jets, find some of the best odds on the sportsbook with this tool.

Great College Football Odds

Another area where the Golden Nugget Sportsbook excels is in its plethora of college football betting options.

Showcasing a range of markets and competitive lines, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook has you covered. Whether you’re a veteran bettor, or new to the college betting scene, you can bet knowing you’re in good hands with the Golden Nugget’s odds.

Golden Nugget Sports Betting Review

Golden Nugget’s online sports betting truly has a lot of work and know-how behind it. A big player in the U.S. gambling market for many years, the Golden Nugget knows U.S. bettors and the sports we love.

With that knowledge, they have formed and focused the Golden Nugget sports betting platform around America’s favorite sports.

We would be amiss if we didn’t mention that they do offer many international options as well. 

Within the section below we will be going over the variety of popular sports available to bettors on the sportsbook.


Bet on your favorite NFL games all season long with the Golden Nugget sportsbook. Showcasing many top-quality lines and great promotions throughout many of the season’s most popular games.

One stand-out section available to NFL bettors is the great outright odds available. Whether betting on the AFC winner or the NFC winner you will find great deals throughout.


From the regular season to the playoffs and the NBA Finals, the Golden Nugget sportsbook has you covered with the highest quality NBA odds.

Seeing as the NBA section is one of the stronger areas in this sportsbook, it easily facilitates a huge number of markets to bet on, blowing most competitors clean out of the water.


The MLB betting options available on the Golden Nugget sportsbook are also fantastic, keeping up with this stellar sportsbook.

The sportsbook has everything you need to enjoy MLB betting, with access to regular season, playoff, and World Series odds.


Although hockey might be Canada’s pastime, it doesn’t beat the U.S. and the Golden Nugget in hockey betting.

With the Golden Nugget offering an amazing selection of markets it’s a no-brainer to see why it has become such a popular sport on the platform.

Other Sports Betting Options

Although we may be putting a spotlight on some of the bigger sports markets on the platform the Golden Nugget also excels with international sports.

From European soccer to even Indian cricket, you will find a wide selection of events throughout the platform.

Golden Nugget Casino Review

Throughout the article thus far we have only been focusing on the sportsbook side of the platform, so in this section, we will be looking at the Golden Nugget online casino.

The Golden Nugget Casino flat-out provides one of the best online casino services in the world, allowing bettors to play amazing slots and games with great payouts.

In the next section, we will take a deeper look into some of the stand-out features that can be found on the Golden Nugget online casino.

Huge Selection of Bonuses

Who doesn’t want to get more bang for their buck when betting? That’s why the Golden Nugget Casino offers a number of revolving promotions.

Most bonuses you will find on the casino side of things will be straight-up cash prizes, as opposed to free bets and profit boosts found in the sports section.

From weekly draws with winnings up to $75,000, to promotions and monthly prizes worth $100,000. The Golden Nugget Casino is on its A-game with this selection of promotions.

A Wide Variety of Game Types

The Golden Nugget online casino has a stunning number of games for bettors to play; any gambling game you can think of, they have it.

When you first enter the casino section you will be met with several slot machines and a large list of games. Your game of choice can be anything under the sun, whether it be poker, blackjack, roulette, or even slingo.

In Which States is it Legal to Bet at Golden Nugget?

The Golden Nugget online sportsbook is currently available in several states, including New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, and Nevada. Although legal in the listed states, each state has its own betting regulations.

Check the terms and conditions of your specific region before accessing the sportsbook.


Licensed Betting

New Jersey Mobile sports betting and desktop
Michigan Mobile sports betting and desktop
West Virginia Mobile sports betting and desktop
Nevada Mobile sports betting and desktop

Golden Nugget Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The Golden Nugget online sportsbook also offers an excellent assortment of deposit and withdrawal methods. Some of the deposit and withdrawal methods available on the sportsbook include credit, debit, eWallets, and bank transfers.

The Golden Nugget Sportsbook’s wide range of deposit and withdrawal options makes it incredibly easy for users to both manage their funds and quickly access their winnings.

We must also make a point about the overall safety and security of the Golden Nugget’s payment systems, you’ll never lose track of your funds, not even a dime.

How Can I Deposit Money at Golden Nugget?

The Golden Nugget’s deposit options and limits surpass many of its closest competitors; depositing money on the sportsbook is as easy as can be. A great example of this is if you are using a credit card, you will find that your deposit limit is $25,000.

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Play+
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

How Can I Withdraw Money at Golden Nugget?

When looking to access your winnings quickly, the Golden Nugget’s withdrawal times come in handy. Regarding time frames to expect, certain payout methods such as prepaid cards have instant payouts, with the longer end of things their wire transfers still only 5 days.

  • Prepaid Cards
  • PayPal
  • Online Check
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Bank Transfer

Golden Nugget Sports Betting Markets

When looking at the sports betting markets available, Golden Nugget betting holds its own against the largest and best sportsbooks in the industry. With a great selection of betting markets throughout nearly every sport available on the platform, betting with the Golden nugget seems to be a simple choice.

Futures Bets

For those who may not know, futures betting is one of the more popular betting styles amongst U.S. bettors. A great example of a futures bet would be a bet placed on the Milwaukee Bucks to win the NBA Finals several months from now.


To put it simply, a spread bet is a type of wager where you predict the margin of victory for a team or athlete. Seeing as spreads are one of the more popular betting types, the Golden Nugget’s spreads section for football is the most in-depth we have seen.


Moneyline bets are probably the most common type of bet you will find through sports such as basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. A moneyline bet is simply a bet placed on a team or athlete to win a particular event.

For those new to sports betting, we recommend starting with markets straightforward markets such as moneylines.

Golden Nugget Login and Registration

Creating your Golden Nugget login is about as easy as one would expect. Simply fill out your information and get started.

In the section below we will walk you through the steps to follow for anyone looking to get started on the Golden Nugget Sportsbook.

1.   Click the Sign-Up Button

The first step to get started on the sportsbook is you must click the “Sign Up” button on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

2.   Input Your Valid Information

In the next step you will simply follow the instructions set out by the sportsbook. You will need to input information such as your email, first name, last name, date of birth, and contact details.

3.   Complete Registration

Once you have completed putting in your valid information, you need to accept the terms and conditions laid out by the Golden Nugget Sportsbook.

4.   Deposit Funds

The next step needed to begin your betting journey with the Golden Nugget is to deposit your betting funds. You will find the minimum deposit amount greatly varies between deposit methods, from $10 to $50.

5.   Withdraw funds

The final step when betting with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook is to withdraw your winnings. Once you have won your first bet you should be eligible to withdraw your earnings through one of the services listed above.

Experience the Thrill of Live Betting with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook

The immersive and exciting experience of live betting offered by the Golden Nugget Sportsbook is perfect for almost any sports betting fan. Regardless of your sporting preference, the live betting available on the platform has got you covered, encompassing almost every sport available on the sportsbook.

Find live betting on all your favorite events, whether you enjoy basketball, soccer, boxing, or even cricket.

Live Schedule

For those looking to live bet on the Golden Nugget Sportsbook, we have good news – the sportsbook offers a “Live Schedule” for upcoming live events.

This allows bettors to do ample research on an event before it goes live, to hopefully maximize profits.

Experience Exceptional Customer Service on the Golden Nugget Sportsbook

The Golden Nugget’s customer service is truly top tier, with a fantastic live chat feature, phone number, and support email, you will never be left in the dark.

Golden Nugget Company History

Founded in 1946, the Golden Nugget is one of the oldest names in gambling, even maintaining a storied casino in downtown Las Vegas. During that time in the industry, it has come to establish itself as a trusted and reliable brand.

Throughout the years it has also become a beloved platform and destination for gamblers the world over, offering a wide range of high-quality gaming options.

The old-school casino feel that the Golden Nugget Sportsbook and casino offers is very hard to come by.

Golden Nugget vs Other Sportsbooks

The Golden Nugget sportsbook and casino is plainly superior to many other sportsbooks for several different reasons.

To start, the Golden Nugget’s online gaming portfolio is massive. Whether you are looking to place a bet on the NBA finals or simply spin your slots, the Golden Nugget has you covered.

Alongside the large selection, you will also find that the platform’s user experience is one of the best, allowing bettors to navigate the site and app with ease.

Conclusion – is it Worth Betting at Golden Nugget?

Simply put, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook and casino is well worth your time.

With its rich history, stellar customer service, and a large array of betting options, the sportsbook maintains itself at the highest level. It truly is a reliable and enjoyable option for any U.S. bettor.

Additionally, The Golden Nugget’s user-friendly app, and site make it one of the most attractive platforms to new bettors.

Overall, we at Odds Scanner cannot recommend this sportsbook enough. Our in-depth analysis has left us very impressed with the overall platform; there is a reason the Golden Nugget has lasted as long as it has.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Golden Nugget Sportsbook

In the section below we will attempt to answer some of the more pressing commonly asked questions regarding the Golden Nugget Sportsbook.

Who Owns the Golden Nugget?

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The Golden Nugget is owned by Landry’s Inc., an American privately owned multi-brand dining, hospitality, entertainment, and gaming corporation.

This organization has been the owner and operator of the Golden Nugget since 2005.

Where is the Golden Nugget?

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The main Golden Nugget casino can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For those looking to make online bets, if you are within Nevada, West Virginia, Michigan, or New Jersey you will have complete access to the platform.

Does the Golden Nugget Have a Sportsbook?

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As we explored within this article, yes, the Golden Nugget does indeed have a sportsbook. It’s a very well-put-together sportsbook at that.

How Many Golden Nugget Casinos are There?

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You will find a total of 5 Golden Nugget casinos throughout the US. They can be found in Atlantic City, Biloxi, Lake Charles, Las Vegas, and Laughlin.

For those looking to access the Golden Nugget Casino on the go, they do offer a great gaming platform online as we have seen in this article.

Is the Golden Nugget Any Good?

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Seeing as the Golden Nugget casino has existed since 1946, we would have to say that the Golden Nugget must be quite good.

Modern-day it prides itself on being on the cutting edge of the gambling world, ensuring the highest quality experience.