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Ice hockey has become a popular sport for betting. You can locate the best hockey odds and hockey betting lines to get value for money.

Always compare odds before diving straight in. We will show you how you can do this in our comprehensive guide.

Bookmakers with the Best Hockey Odds

There are tons of bookmakers trying to dish up the best hockey odds, but you should shop around for the best odds. Ideally, draw up a hockey odds comparison list between sites before wagering real money.

We are constantly reviewing and scrutinizing every aspect of sports operators, and we want you to find a site that suits you. Among the most respected in the industry are BetMGM, Unibet, and Betway.

With Betway, for example, you will come across daily odds boosts. This makes the site special because bettors get more value for their money should they return a successful betting slip.

How Hockey Odds Work?

Hockey odds show the probability of an event happening. You need to understand what is being offered, as each operator will run slightly different hockey lines on their website.

Hockey Odds Explained

The first set of odds that hockey betting sites offer are “Moneyline” or “Match Winner” odds. Ice hockey odds are presented in three different ways: American, decimal, and fractional. With American odds, the favorite will be denoted with a minus sign, while the underdog will have a positive sign attached.

Most of the operators we work with have a bet calculator built-in, which shows potential winnings from your stakes.

Alternatively, you can check out the hockey Over/Under market. This gives you a chance to predict how many total goals there will be. Some sites, such as Caesars, have enticing odds that pay off if there are high-scoring games.

Comparing Hockey Odds with Odds Scanner US

Top hockey operators have the best hockey odds, and using the Odds Scanner US tool will help you decide which betting sites to side with.

Having access to fabulous hockey odds is a must for sports betting enthusiasts. The operators that stand out have plenty of amazing features. They are user-friendly, such as at BetMGM, where “easy parlays” allow you to add legs to your betting slip.

Or, at Unibet and bet365, you can stream live games while on the go.

Most of the operators we work with make hockey odds competitive but fair. All the sites we use are renowned for providing great hockey moneylines and spreads to keep bettors coming back.


Ice hockey is popular in the USA, and although the NHL gets the most amount of air time, it isn’t just confined to the US and Canada. There are plenty of top leagues scattered across Europe. This includes Sweden’s SHL and Liiga in Finland. For hockey fans, it’s easy to find hockey odds for the biggest competitions.

Hockey Betting Markets

When it comes to hockey odds today, you will find plenty of games to bet on. For example, you will find Vegas hockey odds for Golden Knights, and aside from the Moneyline market, which predicts the match-winner, you can find tons of hockey point spreads. The hockey point spread is a common betting line at the operators we work with.

Live Hockey Odds

The operators we work with have embraced live betting. What’s special about live betting at the top operators is that the player is in control, and they can see the odds change in real-time. At some sites, such as Unibet, you can cash out early and withdraw some of your winnings if you are worried your betting slip is at risk.

Hockey Betting

At Odds Scanner US, we are always on the lookout to find the best betting odds. Many of the sites we use are offshore bookies, so they operate outside the jurisdiction of the US. Tipico, for example, is well versed in providing competitive hockey odds, and they are one of the sites we rate highly if you are looking for a decent assortment of hockey betting lines and hockey moneylines for weekly games.

Hockey Betting Lines Explained

There are plenty of hockey betting lines for you to tuck into. Hockey moneylines, for example, are the most popular, as they simply predict the matchwinner. There are only two outcomes in NHL, and if games result in a draw after normal time, they will go into Overtime or even a shoot-out.

Alternatively, you could try out the prop markets, which focus on individual performances. This revolves around how many points or assists a player may rack up in a match.

Hockey Betting Spreads Explained

Hockey spreads apply a handicap to the underdog team. For example, the underdog may have a handicap of +1.5. In this case, your bet would pay out even if the underdog loses by 1 point.

Comparing Odds for Today’s Games

If you are looking for hockey odds today, make sure you do proper research. We work with plenty of sites that have all the hockey odds tonight, and they are stacked with plenty of betting lines to tempt you to risk your money. You will find the best bets when it comes to hockey lines tonight, and you will often find that odds may shorten or lengthen in the days and hours leading up to a game.

By getting your hands on the best odds, you can maximize your profits. This is certainly the case with sites that serve up daily boosts, which will increase your winnings further.

Ice Hockey Betting Tips

We suggest you take advantage of the following ice hockey tips to increase your chances of success in the long term:

  1. Compare odds – Always make sure you shop around for the best odds. If you fail to prepare, then you will be preparing for failure.
  1. Don’t be too ambitious – If you are a novice bettor, then start with moneyline markets. Once you become more comfortable, then you can try out props or parlays.
  1. Assess your budget – Before you start betting, assess what you can afford. Never chase losses.
  1. Try out live betting – Live betting is great fun. You are also in control of your wager and are often given the flexibility to cash out early.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do odds mean in hockey?

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Odds express the likelihood of an event happening. They allow you to better guess who will win an NHL match. Bookmakers will set their own prices for markets.

How does ice hockey gambling work?

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Bettors can put money on the hockey odds advertised for today’s game. The size of their potential winnings will be determined by the size of the stake they place. Most sites have a bet calculator that shows you how much you can win if your bet is successful.

What are the odds in tonight’s hockey game?

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Visit Odds Comparision to see the odds for hockey games tonight. When it comes to American odds, the favorite will be denoted with a minus sign (-), while the underdog will have a positive sign attached (+). Odds can change in the run-up to games.

How to understand hockey betting lines?

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There are many hockey betting lines available, some of which we have described on this page. Check out our site, where we have in-depth guides on how to explore different betting lines.