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Tennis Odds Comparison & Best Betting Lines 2023

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To find the best tennis odds, you must compare odds before betting. The minds at Odds Comparison are industry experts, bringing you the best odds from all major sportsbooks.

Bookmakers with the Best Tennis Odds

Tennis is a year-long sport, so there are plenty of operators providing the best tennis lines. The ATP Tour has a wide range of pre-match and in-play betting markets for Grand Slam tournaments, and there are also lines available for the coveted nine Masters 1000 series events.

There isn’t a single betting house that provides the best tennis betting odds. Most sites offer fair prices, so bettors can increase their chances of a successful wager. Many sites, such as FanDuel, offer odds boosts, whereby prices are inflated for a particular match. So, for example, if Andy Murray was facing Rafael Nadal at the US Open, you could get inflated odds on Murray.

Some sites may be more comprehensive when it comes to tennis spread betting lines, but ultimately, the betting house you will choose will have competitive prices to keep you engaged.

How Tennis Odds Work

Tennis betting odds reflect the chances of a particular player winning a match or a tournament. Odds are displayed in various ways by bookmakers.

Tennis Odds Explained

Understanding how tennis odds work isn’t too complicated. Most bookmakers have a bet calculator to help you figure out your potential winnings.

Typically, tennis match odds are presented in American odds. This shows how much you need to stake to win $100. The favorite will be denoted with a minus (-) sign, while the underdog will have a plus (+) sign. In the next section, we will show you how to read tennis odds by exploring the most popular markets.

Comparing Tennis Odds with Odds Comparison

To maximize your chances of winning, we suggest you use our tennis odds comparison tool. We work with the best sportsbooks in the business, so our tool will help you find a betting site that caters to your needs.

Our odds comparison tool is handy if you are trying to seek out the best tennis betting site. Many of the top operators, such as BetMGM and FanDuel, constantly update their odds for specific tournaments. The odds are based on a wide variety of factors, such as a player’s form or past results at the tournament in question.

Whichever site you choose, our odds comparison tool will give you the confidence to cement your tennis betting strategy and build up your knowledge on simpler lines before progressing to more sophisticated betting systems.

Sometimes, there may be a disparity between the odds provided by the leading operators. Odds Comparison can distinguish the very best operators to deliver the best lines to you. For example, with US Open tennis odds, there are a few suspect seeds that could get knocked out in the early stages of the tournaments.


At Odds Comparison, we cover all the majors in the men’s and women’s games. You are likely to find a plethora of lines for the French Open and Wimbledon, as they are prestigious Grand Slam events.

With plenty of matches on during the first week of a Grand Slam, you can hop between markets to increase your chances of winning.

Tennis Betting Markets

Bettors are spoilt for choice regarding the types of markets they can wager on. We have tennis odds today for the biggest matches, and the moneyline is a great entry point. From there, you can place your bets on player props or parlays. Whether you are a casual or seasoned fan, you should start with the lines you feel most comfortable with before progressing to tennis spreads, for example.

Live Tennis Odds

Live tennis betting has been a game-changer in the industry. It allows you to see odds change in real-time. Live tennis odds fluctuate to represent what is transpiring on the court. Bettors are in control of their wagers, and they can keep abreast of the action as it unfolds. At many top sites, such as Unibet, cash-out is possible before the match finishes, so you can retrieve winnings early.

Tennis Betting

We only work with the top tennis betting houses in the country, such as BetMGM and Unibet. These sites are fully regulated regardless of the country you are playing in. The odds at the sites we work with are very competitive, and our Odds Comparison tool does the legwork for you to find the best tennis odds.

Tennis Betting Lines Explained

Tennis lines move in conjunction with popular opinions about a player. So, for example, Iga Swiatek may be trading as a heavy favorite for a Grand Slam tournament judging by her form, and so in the outright market, she will carry short odds. Tennis bettors should determine their level of comfort with risk and reward before leaning towards a particular line.

Tennis Betting Spreads Explained

Tennis spreads are used by sportsbooks to differentiate the quality between two players. To highlight this, a player may be priced as a 3.5-game favorite. So, if Novak Djokovic were facing Benoit Paire, then Djokovic would have to win at least four games more than Paire for bettors to return a successful wager.

Comparing Odds For Today's Tennis Games

While we don’t offer prices every day for tennis tournaments, we point users to the section where they can find tennis odds. Tennis odds today will tell you how to locate the best prices.

If you are interested in tennis betting today, you should be comprehensive when comparing odds. Some operators may be quicker than others when it comes to delivering odds early. You can also tap into some expert betting tips before following up on a market.

Tennis Betting Tips and Strategies

To master tennis betting, follow these tennis betting strategies:

  1. Watch tennis religiously – To understand how tennis betting works, you should watch as many matches as possible.
  2. Disregard the Public – Sometimes, the public can be suckered into bad bets, so trust your instincts and let your head influence the wagers you make.
  3. Read tips – Many of the sites we work with have expert tipsters, so soak up the information they provide as they will put you in the know.
  4. Don’t be over-ambitious: If you are new to tennis betting, start with markets such as the moneyline before trying more advanced systems such as spreads or parlays.
  5. Set a budget – Make sure you establish a budget before you start playing. Remember to gamble responsibly.

FAQs About Tennis Odds

Now that we have provided a whistlestop tour of tennis betting, it’s time to answer a few frequently answered questions.

How to read tennis betting odds?

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Reading tennis betting odds is straightforward. Most sportsbooks uses American odds. The favorite will have a minus (-) symbol attached, while the underdog will have a (+) symbol next to their name. American odds show how much you need to wager to win $100.

Is tennis a good sport to bet on?

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Yes, tennis is a fabulous sport to bet on due to the depth of lines available. For most high-profile tournaments, some of the sportsbooks we work with run bet builders or have odds boosts to entice bettors to play with them.

What does +21.5 mean in tennis?

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The +21.5 line is a totals betting market where punters have to predict how many games there will be in a match. So, if Daniil Medvedev was taken to three sets in a Masters match against Pablo Carenno and the Russian prevailed 1-6, 6-4, 6-4, those who bet on +21.5 games will win, as the match ran for 27 games.